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Flame extinguishing tool / Black

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Product Description : Why is it so EXPENSIVE?

Product Story

General Product Information

This is a must-have item to pick up when purchasing Japanese candles. It is not only a fire extinguisher, but also a chic interior decoration item.
Please use it by gently covering the part of the fire that is burning. Please use a fire extinguisher to extinguish a candle, as it is dangerous to extinguish a candle by hand or with an uchiwa (fan), as the wind can cause the fire and wax to scatter.

 Product History

When did these crafts start to craft?:1400 years ago / 600AD / Yamato period in Japan

It is said that Japanese candles originated from beeswax candles made from beehives introduced from China during the Nara Period (710-794). The supply of beeswax candles ceased after the abolition of the Japanese envoys to the Tang Dynasty in the Heian period (794-1185), and Japanese candles made from lacquer and other materials began to be produced in the Muromachi period (1336-1573). Japanese candles were most widely used in 1800s and were considered a luxury item affordable by wealthy merchants and samurai families at the time.

Craftsman Story

Craftsman Profile

Hono Nishikawa / Nakamura Rosoku
Since 2017, I have been a Japanese candle painter at a long-established company in Kyoto Prefecture that has been in business for 125 years. I decided to join the company because I was fascinated by the drawing pictures on a small campus through my work experience. We create candles of not only simple colors such as white and red, but also hand-draw designs of each four seasons one by one.

Craftsman Passion

"There are things I can do as a next generation!"
I believe that as a young generation, I am able to abandon the stereotypes of having to do certain things. In addition to the traditional techniques that have been handed down for hundreds of years, I would like to develop new products by making the most of the ideas that only a young person like me can come up with.


Your Contribution to Craftsman

Customer Voice

Due to the market structure (link for full articles are attached bottom), craftsman have not known who the customer is and how customer reacts to their work. We made a “Message to Craftsman” box at purchase page. We will deliver all message to every craftsman. Our review will be also shared to craftsman so please leave your comment and evaluation on review section!

Income for Craftsman: Craftsman get only less than 10% of selling price?

As written above, craftsman have not controlled last phase of sales channel that resulting in selling price is set by third-party without craftsman’s recognition. There are some cases that only less than 10% of selling price is given to craftsman. We promise with our customer / craftsman that we offer the fair trade with craftsmen in our contract!

We made an article about above problem and our challenge. Please have a read from below link.
Current state of the Crafts Market / Benefits brought by Suigenkyo



Material & Caution





Individual Difference

Each piece is handmade, so there are individual differences even in the same series. We hope that you will understand the change by handmade.

Delivery Date

Please note that it will take about a month for delivery if we do not have the item in stock.

Manufacturing Process 

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