Essential Items of Japanese Samurai : Sanada Himo, Armor, and Weapons

The Tools That Helped Samurai Survive the Warring States Period


Japanese samurai were skilled warriors who fought for their lords during the Warring States period. In addition to their bravery and martial prowess, samurai also relied on various tools to survive the dangers of the battlefield. This article will introduce three essential items used by Japanese samurai: the Sanada Himo, armor, and weapons.

Sanada Himo 

The Sanada Himo is a traditional rope that has been used in Japan since the Jomon period. It is about four meters long and was commonly used by samurai to secure their weapons and armor during battle. The Sanada Himo became famous during the Warring States period when Sanada Yukimura, a legendary samurai, used it to tie his armor together. The rope was highly durable and could withstand the wear and tear of battle.


Armor was an essential item for samurai as it protected them from the enemy's attacks. During the Warring States period, many samurai wore armor made of stitched iron plates or leather. The armor had a high defense capability and could withstand attacks from swords, arrows, and other weapons. Therefore, armor was an indispensable item for samurai to protect their lives.


Weapons were also essential tools used by samurai. They greatly influenced a samurai's combat abilities and were like a lifeline for them. Swords, spears, and bows and arrows were commonly used weapons among samurai. Among them, the sword was particularly symbolic and prestigious for samurai. Swords made by skilled blacksmiths were expensive and added to the owner's fame.


In conclusion, the Sanada Himo, armor, and weapons were essential items used by Japanese samurai to survive the Warring States period. These tools helped them protect their lives and fight for their lords. Even today, they remain an important part of Japanese history and culture.

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