【Furoshiki cloth】Made in Japan! A Useful Cloth that can Wrap Anything

Making Process

Textile dyeing

A pattern is dyed onto the fabric. The process cannot be stopped, and the pattern is gradually formed in layers of color, which is a process that is never boring to watch.


Excess paste and impurities are washed away.


The sight of multiple layers of fabric hanging is a sight to behold, with a large piece of fabric stretched over several dozen meters.

You can watch the making process on YouTube!

What is a Furoshiki cloth?

The sight of multiple layers of fabric hanging is a sight to behold, with a large piece of fabric stretched over several dozen meters.

Furoshiki Cloth has an Unlimited Possibility

In Japan, there is a practical cloth called “Furoshiki cloth” that can be used to wrap goods with any shape. The most important thing to consider about having Furoshiki cloth is its design. Nowadays there are many modern designs that incorporate Japanese and Western styles, making them practical and look fashionable. Additionally, Furoshiki cloth can be used for a variety of purposes such as for wrapping gifts or covering your bag when it is raining. This is such a useful wrapping cloth and when you do not use it, you can just fold it and placed in the bottom of the bag. This does not take up any space and can be used all season!

Furoshiki cloth used to be placed under the futon

Do you know the origin of the word “Furoshiki cloth:風呂敷”? It is said that Furoshiki cloth was used by feudal lords in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) to wrap their clothes. While they were having bath, put the Furoshiki cloth down on the floor to change their clothes after. The name of “Furoshiki cloth;風呂敷” was established by how the feudal lords used the cloth when they have bath (風呂 means bath in Japanese and 敷 means putting something under any objective or simply on the floor). In the Edo period (1603-1867), the culture of public baths became popular. From this situation, it was getting popular to put family crests on the Furoshiki cloth in order not to get other’s one. Also, as there were a lot of fire in Edo, people used to put down the Furoshiki cloth under the mattress to wrap up their household stuff such as duvet, pots and pans to escape from the fire.
In the Meiji era (1868-1912), they were used for various purposes, such as wrapping textbooks and carrying business tools. Today, plastic bags made of synthetic fibers and paper bags have become more common, and the number of people using Furoshiki cloth has decreased. However, the value and practicality of the Furoshiki cloth has been reevaluated due to its durability and reusability.

Furoshiki cloth attracting worldwide attention

As you have probably noticed by this point, the Furoshiki cloth is an essential cloth for Japanese people with an eco-friendly lifestyle. In resents year, lots of efforts have been made to create a sustainable society all over the world.
For example, in Germany, people are informed that the waste from wrapping paper and tape used for Christmas presents is causing environmental problems. They propose the use of Furoshiki cloth as an alternative. If it gets dirty, it can be washed and used again until it is broken. The fact that the person who got a present with Furoshiki cloth wrapping can use it repeatedly receives positive reputation. Also, the use of the Furoshiki cloth, invented in a time when there was no technological production pattern, allows us to feel the “Mottainai” spirit from the Japanese craft.

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