"To preserve the craft and the memories."

I was born in Shiga Prefecture. My mother liked Shigaraki ware, which originated in Shiga Prefecture, and often bought and collected pottery. When I see Shigaraki ware at the entrance of my parents' house, it brings back many memories and naturally brings a smile to my face.

When my friend from junior high school, Mr. Tsunoi, the president of our company, invited me to start a company involved in traditional crafts, I suddenly remembered the Shigaraki porcelain in my parents' house. The idea of working with Shigaraki ware, with which I have shared many memories, appealed to me, and I decided to cooperate with him immediately.

When researching various aspects of traditional crafts to establish my company, I learned that the industry itself is in decline. There are 237 traditional crafts designated by the national government, as well as those designated by municipalities, all of which have their own traditions and histories.

Such a wonderful traditional Japanese craft industry is in decline and faces a crisis of survival. We must preserve the history and techniques of traditional crafts. Above all, I felt somewhat saddened by the possibility that crafts such as Shigaraki ware, which is in my parents' home, might cease to be manufactured, and I wanted to change this situation.

I am in charge of our website and e-commerce site. I believe that this work is indispensable to convey the quality and beauty of traditional crafts to people around the world, and that increasing the opportunities for people to see and pick up these products through our website and e-commerce site will not only benefit the artisans, but also lead to the development of Japanese culture.

The Chinese character "gen," from which Mizugenkyo's company name is derived, means "craftsman," and the most important thing is to benefit craftspeople. It is with this in mind that we currently operate Suigenkyo.

We are committed to conveying the appeal of Japan's traditional industries to people around the world and to preserve them for future generations.


After graduating from high school, he entered the Marketing Department of Otemon Gakuin University's College of Business Administration. after graduating from the university in 2020, he joined a securities company. After retiring from the company, he founded Suigenkyo Co. in March 2022.

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