"As a Japanese"

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved to watch the process of manufacturing and was fascinated by the craftsmanship woven by artisans. When I was in elementary school, I had the experience of building a hut from scratch as a school event, which allowed me to experience the woodworking techniques of the miya carpenters. Because of my original love of craftsmanship, I began to think that my future dream was to become a temple carpenter and be involved in the construction of Japanese shrines and temples.

Later, I moved to England by myself at the same time I became a high school student. I spent 7 years in London, England, including my university life, and there were many barriers and difficulties in my daily life. In the midst of all this, when I returned to Japan from time to time for vacations, I began to recognize the beauty of Japanese people's service and the beauty of thinking about people in every corner of the world. Although I suppose there are some special feelings about the place where I was born and raised, these experiences made me love Japan even more than before. I have also come to love the atmosphere of shrines and temples in Japan, and I visit shrines and temples in various places when I return to Japan. It was only after I left Japan that I was able to discover the true beauty of Japan in many ways, including its people and culture.

As I entered the second half of my college life, I had three options for job hunting. One was the path to become a palace carpenter craftsman. The second was to start my own business. The last is to join a securities company. In this context, I broadened my perspective from becoming a shrine carpenter craftsman and working at shrines and temples to researching the larger traditional Japanese craft market, and I learned that the traditional industry, which has been handed down over many years, is currently shrinking. More than actually becoming a craftsman, I came to believe that I wanted to grow the declining Japanese craft market and build a society in which craftspeople could focus more on their craftsmanship. For this purpose, I was too inexperienced and unprepared to start a company. I wanted to experience what it was like to run a company, and I chose to join a securities company because I had no idea how to work as a team or how to deal with the emotions of new graduates, who were the least experienced in their position. After learning how to work as a team and experiencing the emotions of new graduates and other employees who would be running the company, I founded Suigenkyo Inc. in March 2022.

I believe that everything has a meaning. Since I was born in Japan, I would like to find the meaning of my birth in Japan. I believe that if I can contribute even a little to the preservation and development of the culture and traditions that this country has built up and passed down over the years, I can also find that meaning. I have dedicated my life to this and founded Suigenkyo with the hope of starting a company that can contribute to the traditional craft market and, ultimately, to Japan. We would like to convey the high level of Japanese craftsmanship to the world as a united market by allowing our craftsmen to concentrate on creating better works for the world and by allowing our company to handle the process of reaching the hands of our customers.

All of us will keep in mind our mission and vision "to be a company that preserves the old and creates the new in order to pursue benefits for craftsmen, users, and all people" and "to be a cornerstone of Japanese culture and development," and we will strive to be a company that you will love.


At the age of 15, he left his hometown of Shiga Prefecture to study in the UK by himself. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Management at King's College London, graduating in 2020 and joining BofA Securities Ltd. He left the company in 2021 and founded Suigenkyo Inc. in March 2022.


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