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Silver Ring / Olive Flower

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Product Description : Why is it so EXPENSIVE?

Product Story

General Product Information

This ring is carved with an olive flower.

The Japanese carving is done by striking a tagane with a hammer,
A small rhythm is created by the tapping of the hammer. It resonates with the five senses and becomes an olive flower pattern, which is engraved on the ring in a pleasant and peaceful manner.

The small white flower with four petals is neat and very pretty, and will make your hand look gorgeous.
Each piece is carefully crafted with the word "peace" in the language of flowers.

 Product History

When did these crafts start to craft?:1700 years ago / 300AD / Yamato period in Japan

Gold engraving has a long history. It is said that basic engraving techniques were used for making hats, rings, and harnesses worn by feudal lords 1700 years ago. Later, engraving techniques were also used for everyday items used by the masses. Today, a wide range of products such as vessels, ornaments, and accessories are produced using engraving techniques.

Craftsman Story

Craftsman Profile

A craftsman who creates accessories using the techniques of Tokyo Engraving. Learning from a craftsmen in Okachimachi, a town of craftsmen, he handles all the processes including designing, using traditional handcrafting techniques. The meticulous workmanship, which is so detailed that it is hard to believe that it was made by hand, never ceases to amaze us.

Craftsman Passion

"Everything we do is to make our customers happy and smiling"
From designing to polishing, I handle the entire process by myself until completion. This allows me to spend a great deal of time with each piece of work. While I work on each process, I pay close attention to the design and texture required by the customer. I believe that my customers will love my work for a long time because I put my soul into it, and I finish every step of the process with extra care.


Your Contribution to Craftsman

Customer Voice

Due to the market structure (link for full articles are attached bottom), craftsman have not known who the customer is and how customer reacts to their work. We made a “Message to Craftsman” box at purchase page. We will deliver all message to every craftsman. Our review will be also shared to craftsman so please leave your comment and evaluation on review section!

Income for Craftsman: Craftsman get only less than 10% of selling price?

As written above, craftsman have not controlled last phase of sales channel that resulting in selling price is set by third-party without craftsman’s recognition. There are some cases that only less than 10% of selling price is given to craftsman. We promise with our customer / craftsman that we offer the fair trade with craftsmen in our contract!

We made an article about above problem and our challenge. Please have a read from below link.
Current state of the Crafts Market / Benefits brought by Suigenkyo



Material & Caution




Individual Difference

Each piece is handmade, so there are individual differences even in the same series. We hope that you will understand the change by handmade.

Delivery Date

Please note that it will take about 2 months for delivery if we do not have the item in stock.

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Michael Kreuzer

Very good work

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